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How many buses to the dinosaur?

I had fun with Matt Parker - the world's best Stand Up Mathematician - making this video about bad number analogies, and how to use "landmark numbers" to make the world add up. To pre-order signed copies of “How To Make The World Add Up”, do please head over...

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Do storks deliver babies?

I spoke to Brady Haran of Numberphile about one of the most famous stories in statistics - and there's an unpleasant twist, I'm afraid. To pre-order signed copies of "How To Make The World Add Up", do please head over to MathsGear.

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The secrets of superforecasting

Newsnight videos aren't embeddable, it seems, but you may enjoy this four minutes of fun, in which I discuss the latest research on how to see into the future. I discuss the research in much more detail in my FT article, "How to See Into the Future" - no paywall, so...

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In which I take the ice-bucket challenge the nerdy way…

On "More or Less" this week we discuss the ice bucket challenge: are viral memes a good way to get people giving to charity, or does it make us careless about what the charities are doing with the money? Is it possible to use data to identify the very best charity in...

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