The Truth Detective

Tim Harford is peerless at making sense of a complicated world and our place within it. This is a book that all children should read”

Matthew Syed
  • Did you know that a toy spaceship can teach you about inflation?
  • Or that a pooping cow can show you how to invest your pocket money?
  • And that even the greatest detectives have been fooled by fake news and dancing fairies?

The world is often full of bamboozling headlines and numbers that don’t add up. And in a world of rising living costs, climate change, fake news and dodgy data, it’s hard to get your head around it all.

But don’t panic. Within these pages, you will transform into a Truth Detective, and be able to hunt down the truth about the world around you. You will meet heroic truth detectives, such as Florence Nightingale who started a revolution with a pie chart. You will encounter dastardly villains who have tried to trip us up with dodgy data and misinformation. And you will learn how being smart and savvy about numbers, will help you be smart and savvy about everything else in life too.

So grab your detective cap, pick up your magnifying glass and start seeing the world like never before.

A must-read for curious kids looking to make sense of a complicated world, from the presenter of BBC Radio 4’s “More or Less”, Tim Harford.

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