Cautionary Tales

My podcast, telling true stories about mistakes and what we should learn from them.

Cautionary Tales – Chicago when it sizzles

July 1995. A deadly heat wave gripped Chicago - bridges buckled; the power grids failed; and the morgue ran out of space - but some neighbourhoods saw more deaths than others. Of course, richer and leafier districts suffered less, but poor places where social...

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Cautionary Tales – Photographing Fairies

Sherlock Holmes is known for approaching all mysteries with cool logic - and yet when his creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle saw photographs taken by two young girls purporting to show real life fairies at play… he unwisely declared them genuine. Elsie Wright - Self...

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Cautionary Tales Short – Blood On The Tracks

As per our new rhythm, Cautionary Tales episodes are released every other Friday, so there will be one appearing again next week. As a bonus for Pushkin+ subscribers, I proudly present another Cautionary Tales "Short". Shownotes A major source was, of course, the...

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