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How to change the world with data visualisation

“She may look at it because it has pictures.” That was Florence Nightingale’s withering comment, as she sent a report about public health reform to Queen Victoria.Nightingale was not much impressed with the Queen (“The least self-reliant person I have ever known”)....

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The best books about the pandemic

I don't think it's too early to provide a list of some of the best books about the pandemic - several of these books, in fact, were written before Sars-Cov-2 ever made the leap to humans. Covid-19 by Debora Mackenzie came out very early in the crisis and some of it...

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My books of the year 2021

Ananyo Bhattacharya, The Man From the Future - A biography not only of the genius's genius, John von Neumann, but also of von Neumann's ideas and influence, which are nearly impossible to exaggerate. Serious and brilliantly-written. David Bodanis, The Art of Fairness...

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What I’ve been reading: Bravey by Alexi Pappas

When Alexi Pappas and I realised we were releasing books at around the same time, she suggested that we do a book swap and send each other our books. What a good idea, especially since I probably read too much social science - and I'm a firm believer in a little...

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Misinformation can be beautiful

Chapter nine of "The Data Detective" / "How To Make The World Add Up" is all about data visualisation - its power, and its pitfalls. The overarching story is about how one woman launched a public health revolution, armed with a fancy pie chart. I'm fond of the chapter...

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Adam Grant on Thinking Again

I’m delighted to be sharing a publication day, 2 February, with Adam Grant and his new book, Think Again. Well, mostly delighted: that’s one fewer slot on the bestseller lists for me to aim for. Think Again is a stone cold classic and destined to do extremely well....

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