The Undercover Economist Strikes Back

“Every Tim Harford book is cause for celebration. He makes the ‘dismal science’ seem like an awful lot of fun.”

Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point”

An Observer Book of the Year, 2013 A Sunday Times Bestseller Tim Harford’s first book, the global bestseller The Undercover Economist, was a sensation – and has gone on to sell well over a million copies worldwide. In it, Harford looked at the world through the eyes of a microeconomist, from the changing cost of a cappuccino to how supermarkets choose to display the products on their shelves. Now, in a world utterly transformed by the global downturn, Harford is back. In The Undercover Economist Strikes Back, he turns to the wider picture – to macroeconomics – to help us unpick and understand the complexities of major economies – putting YOU in the driving seat. With a word of advice now and then, the Undercover Economist encourages you to run the show. Along the way you’ll discover what happens to inflation when you burn a million pound notes, why even prison camps have recessions and why Coke didn’t change the price of a bottle for seventy years. This is a brilliant, witty and insightful book about today’s economic thinking that will open your eyes as never before.
“Tim Harford is perhaps the best popular economics writer in the world… his new book is nothing less than the holy grail of popular economics.”

Felix Salmon in The New Statesman

“With fascinating examples and vivid explanations, Tim Harford succeeds in turning macroeconomics into a gripping read.”

Simon Singh, author of “Fermat’s Last Theorem”

“…a really exceptional talent for telling a simple and a very easily understood and yet still incredibly interesting story about economics. And “The Undercover Economist Strikes Back” is … just a lovely way to get into economics.”

NPR’s Planet Money – The Indicator

“A chatty, witty guide to inflation, gross domestic product and the rest of the economic big picture.”

The Wall Street Journal

“Harford’s writing is astonishingly accessible.”

The Independent on Sunday

“Harford manages to explain the topic with beguiling clarity and in the effortlessly breezy style that has characterised his previous books.”

The Times

“Our Chief Economic Storyteller”

The Independent

“Reading Harford is like finding yourself next to the funniest, smartest fellow at the party… Economics professors everywhere should be very afraid.”

The Financial Times

“Tim Harford is a riveting expositor of the field, lively and fair minded.”

John Lanchester

““Accessible, engaging, warm, witty, and fun… a romp through some of the denser thickets of macroeconomic thinking.”


“witty, clear and memorable explanations of complex and vital subjects.”

Cory Doctorow, BoingBoing

“Mr Harford is probably the best popular writer on economics today.”

Business Standard, India

“Tim Harford is a brilliant explainer of economics…A superb guide, whatever your level of expertise.”

The London Evening Standard

“Highly recommended.”

Wall Street Journal, India


Nate Silver,

“Harford brings vigor and even humor to otherwise dry topics… a thorough happily concise explanation of economic policies and issues”

Publishers Weekly

“when the author is as clear-thinking and easy to read as Harford… he has mastered the art of dealing with this subject without the use of a single diagram or mathematical equation.”

The Sunday Times

“he succeeds in giving lucid, accessible and ideologically balanced explanations… Anyone who really wants to understand the concepts of macroeconomics will be delighted with it”

The Sunday Business Post

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