The Expectation Effect, by David Robson

There's a fine line to walk between writing a book that argues that our mental state is surprisingly powerful, and writing a book that argues that if you ask the universe for a gift, the universe will respond. But @D_A_Robson walks the line skilfully here with The...

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Assorted links

Publication day approaches for the paperback of "The Data Detective" (1 Feb). As always, pre-orders of the paperback, positive reviews if you've read the hardback, spreading the word - all are so valuable and very gratefully received. The UK edition of the same book,...

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The hidden costs of cost-benefit analysis

I began last week’s column by declaring that life is full of difficult decisions. Many of us, faced with such dilemmas, resort to a list of pros and cons. Perhaps the most famous such list is that composed by Charles Darwin in July 1838, as he contemplated proposing...

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Assorted Links

Business School professor Christian Stadler names his "best ten business books of 2021". A good list, including "The Data Detective" (US/Can readers can pre-order the paperback, out 1 Feb). Michael Bungay Stanier's "How To Begin" is out tomorrow. Classic self-help,...

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Treacle Walker, by Alan Garner

"It was a tune with wings, trampling things, tightened strings, boggarts and bogles and brags on their feet; the man in the oak, sickness and fever, that set in long, lasting sleep the whole great world with the sweetness of sound the bone did play." Where to start...

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The life-saving magic of playing games

What’s kept you going during the pandemic? For some people, it’s been an exercise kick. For others, the day’s first glass of wine. For me, it’s been a game of “let’s pretend” with a conclave of imaginary wizards. It takes all sorts, but my survival mechanism has been...

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