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It’s Independent Bookshop Week!

I suggest that this is a particularly good week to visit your local independent bookshop and buy some lovely books. If, however, you are not in easy reach of an independent bookshop, Bookshop is the website which donates 30% of sales revenue to an independent bookshop...

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My favourite books for children

An idiosyncratic list, although I am sure it contains few surprises... The good people at Bookshop UK, who provide a website to sell books online which supports local independent bookshops around the country, tell me, "Read It Forward February ... will launch Feb...

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Foolproof by Sander van der Linden

Rukmani and her family were driving to a temple in Tamil Nadu, India, in May 2018, when they stopped to ask for directions from an elderly local lady. It seemed a safe enough thing to do. The family hadn’t realised that almost every local with access to WhatsApp had...

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Talks about the Truth Detective

I'm giving some talks about my imminent book, The Truth Detective. Come along! Sheldonian Theatre, Oxford - 2pm on 1st April at the Oxford Literary Festival Oxford Maths Festival - 3pm on 14th May. Hay Festival - 26th May, 1pm. The Royal Institution - 23 September,...

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Signed copies of The Truth Detective

I've finally received a finished copy of my first children's book, The Truth Detective - and thanks to Ollie Mann's fabulous illustrations it's a thing of beauty - aimed at children aged 9-13, it's fun, it's feisty, and it contains statistical heroes and villains from...

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Three thoughts from a Mastodon newbie

I'm not the only one to have hopped from Twitter over to Mastodon in the past few days, I know. But perhaps these three thoughts will be useful to others. First: it's not that hard! Come on in, the water's lovely! I've seen quite a lot of scary-seeming stuff about the...

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I’m now on Mastodon

For those switching over to Mastodon - or experimenting with doing so - I'm at Feel free to give me a friendly wave and a follow! I'm not sure how much I'll be active there, to be honest. Let's see. As always the best way to keep up with...

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