AnthroVision, more bestselleration, and blockchain scenarios

31st May, 2021

AnthroVision I’m interviewing Gillian Tett about her excellent new book AnthroVision – details of the event here. Self-recommending for anyone who know’s Gillian’s work – she sets out a persuasive case for the value of anthropology in solving modern-day problems of business and beyond.

Chain Reaction My super-smart friend and former colleague Paul Domjan is one of the authors of a new book, Chain Reaction, exploring different scenarios for blockchain technologies in the developing world. You couldn’t ask for a better guide, and the scenario method is perfect for exploring this sort of field, where the range of possibilities is very wide.

Bestsellery I was chuffed a couple of weeks ago to see How To Make The World Add Up on the Sunday Times bestseller list; it turns out it is also on the Times bestseller list, which is different (I understand it relies on data from Waterstones and does not include sales through Amazon).

I am delighted, in any case – and if you are looking for signed copies they’re available at Blackwell’s in Oxford (who may be persuaded to sell a signed copy by mail order) or from MathsGear.

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