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The best podcasts about Covid vaccines

While working on How To Vaccinate The World, a weekly podcast devoted to Covid vaccination, I've been a voracious consumer of other podcasts about vaccination and the vaccination race. Here are a few recommendations - feel free to email me if you have other...

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Gaming inspiration

I think we could all use some help in escaping to other worlds with our friends. I've taken the Christmas holiday as an opportunity to read some good gaming books, some of which were kindly placed in my stocking by Father Christmas... Without further ado, Return of...

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Self-help books that actually help

Self-help is a much-mocked section of the bookstore, and in truth there is much to mock. However I have a soft spot for certain self-help books that I have found useful over the years. These ones get my vote. The Tao of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff. A nostalgic pick,...

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What I’ve been reading: science and magic

I picked up a copy of Bad Advice by Paul Offit a few months ago but have only now started to give it a proper read. Offit is a paediatrician and vaccine specialist, but the focus of this book is to discuss the importance of science and science communication. Offit is...

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