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My contributions to the FT’s quirky Saturday comment column

Wed with a bang not a whimper

We can’t all have a wedding that costs tens of millions – or even £5bn, the amount Prince William and Kate Middleton’s nuptials will reportedly (and implausibly) knock off Britain’s struggling economy. But even if most of us are untroubled by bills for carriage rides...

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Outside Edge: Date tips for the lovelorn stats nerd

The basket of goods and services chosen by Britain’s Office for National Statistics to calculate inflation provides a geek’s-eye view of the way we live. But it also reveals a kind of truth. Each year the list is updated to reflect spending habits, providing a glimpse...

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Outside Edge: A bonus in his fingertips

Minutes of the March 11 2011 meeting of the remuneration committee of HotShots Bank The committee approved the minutes of the previous meeting. The committee contemplated the conclusions of Project Merlin, under which it had promised to pay exactly the bonuses it had...

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Outside Edge: Priced out of an alcoholic stupor

“Supermarkets will no longer be allowed to sell alcohol as a loss leader under minimum pricing measures expected to be announced by the government on Tuesday. The UK coalition has been looking into minimum pricing to tackle alcohol abuse.” (Financial Times, January...

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Outside Edge: Of turtle doves and inflation hawks

The UK’s coalition put up value added tax by 2.5 percentage points last week, guaranteeing a day of bad headlines about rising prices. But anyone buying products dependent on the price of oil, or gold, or copper, or wheat, doesn’t need George Osborne to experience a...

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Outside Edge: Sleepless in Seoul

As I write this paragraph, it’s midnight. Or possibly lunchtime. I’m in a hotel room in a city which, I am reliably informed, is Seoul. I got here too late for breakfast but in plenty of time to go to bed at 3pm. Does that make any sense? I really am extraordinarily...

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Robo-rage at the trading frontier

Outside Edge: Robo-rage at the trading frontier First published the Financial Times, 25 September 2010 Day One: Everybody is talking about this “robo-trading” business. It sounds like money for old rope. You plug a fast computer into the stock exchange and buy and...

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Outside Edge: The art of pricing no-balls

First published on ft.com If the problem is corruption in cricket, where to turn for the solution? Surely, my beloved field of economics. For those whose attention has been distracted, the sad story is that two of Pakistan’s bowlers, and their captain, have been...

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