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Articles from the New York Times, Forbes, Wired and beyond – any piece that isn’t one of my columns.

Review of The Tyranny of Metrics by Jerry Muller

Jerry Z Muller’s latest book is 220 pages long, not including the front matter. The average chapter is 10.18 pages long and contains 17.76 endnotes. There are four cover endorsements and the book weighs 421 grammes. These numbers tell us nothing, of course. If you...

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What We Get Wrong About Technology

Blade Runner (1982) is a magnificent film, but there’s something odd about it. The heroine, Rachael, seems to be a beautiful young woman. In reality, she’s a piece of technology — an organic robot designed by the Tyrell Corporation. She has a lifelike mind, imbued...

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Books about calling statistical bullshit

2020 UPDATE - A more recent and excellent addition to the list is David Spiegelhalter's The Art of Statistics, and it would be strange not to mention my own brand new book How To Make The World Add Up. ALSO - I have a list of recommended books for seeing clearly about...

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