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Fear, Scouting, and when can you trust a statistic?

The Data Detective meets The Scout Mindset - I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Julia Galef, author of The Scout Mindset and one of my very favourite interviewers, on the Rationally Speaking podcast. We go deep - enjoy! Last minute notice, but in a couple of...

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Prizes, mindfulness and some very strange dice

Bestsellers. If you bought a copy of How To Make The World Add Up in paperback publication week – thank you, especially since the book was announced as a Sunday Times bestseller yesterday. I am so delighted and so grateful for the support; the Sunday Times bestseller...

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Scouts, Framers, Long Life and Personal Change

A brief history of Extra Life: I'm interviewing Steven Johnson about his new book "Extra Life" - all about how life expectancy has grown so dramatically over the last century or so. As you'd expect from Steven the book is fascinating - do drop in (5pm ET Monday 17 May...

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Dungeons, Dragons, and Scouts

The Scout Mindset. I eagerly awaited The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef, a superb interviewer and a throughgoing disciple of the path of rationality. Galef is interested in being right, finding the truth, and all the ways in which we mislead ourselves. I was expecting,...

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