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Assorted links

Publication day approaches for the paperback of "The Data Detective" (1 Feb). As always, pre-orders of the paperback, positive reviews if you've read the hardback, spreading the word - all are so valuable and very gratefully received. The UK edition of the same book,...

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Assorted Links

Business School professor Christian Stadler names his "best ten business books of 2021". A good list, including "The Data Detective" (US/Can readers can pre-order the paperback, out 1 Feb). Michael Bungay Stanier's "How To Begin" is out tomorrow. Classic self-help,...

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Treacle Walker, by Alan Garner

"It was a tune with wings, trampling things, tightened strings, boggarts and bogles and brags on their feet; the man in the oak, sickness and fever, that set in long, lasting sleep the whole great world with the sweetness of sound the bone did play." Where to start...

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The best books about the pandemic

I don't think it's too early to provide a list of some of the best books about the pandemic - several of these books, in fact, were written before Sars-Cov-2 ever made the leap to humans. Covid-19 by Debora Mackenzie came out very early in the crisis and some of it...

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My favourite newsletters

Now we live in the substack era, I thought I'd share a few newsletters I enjoy receiving... Admittedly, the line between newsletter and RSS feed is rather blurred (and personally I like to consume things via RSS when I can). But here are a few recommendations... David...

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The best podcasts of 2021

I'll admit, this is a somewhat arbitrary mix of podcasts that are noteworthy because they are particularly wonderful, noteworthy because I feel they are underappreciated, and noteworthy because they are new. Still - they are all free, and truly we live in an age of...

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