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Prizes, mindfulness and some very strange dice

Bestsellers. If you bought a copy of How To Make The World Add Up in paperback publication week – thank you, especially since the book was announced as a Sunday Times bestseller yesterday. I am so delighted and so grateful for the support; the Sunday Times bestseller...

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Scouts, Framers, Long Life and Personal Change

A brief history of Extra Life: I'm interviewing Steven Johnson about his new book "Extra Life" - all about how life expectancy has grown so dramatically over the last century or so. As you'd expect from Steven the book is fascinating - do drop in (5pm ET Monday 17 May...

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Dungeons, Dragons, and Scouts

The Scout Mindset. I eagerly awaited The Scout Mindset by Julia Galef, a superb interviewer and a throughgoing disciple of the path of rationality. Galef is interested in being right, finding the truth, and all the ways in which we mislead ourselves. I was expecting,...

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Thumbs up from the US Air Force, and other news

Cautionary Tales - why organisations squander good ideas... I've been so pleased at all the kind comments from around the world about the new season of Cautionary Tales. If you haven't sampled it, please do so. I love working on the scripts and the narration, but I'm...

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