Cautionary Tales – The Halloween Poisoner

Candy laced with cyanide and needles in marshmallows, we've long been warned to be suspicious of the sweet treats handed out by strangers at Halloween. But it seems that most stories of "Halloween sadism" are just that, stories. No child seems to have been killed by...

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Liz Truss’s growth delusion

There is a fashionable line of attack against Liz Truss’s single-minded focus on growth: what about the poor? What about the planet? In chasing GDP growth, this critique runs, Truss shows herself to be a politician who knows the price of everything and the value of...

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How much money will actually make you happy?

When I was a student, a friend of mine fantasised about earning £100 a day. It felt like an incomprehensibly large sum of money; he simply could not conceive of spending enough to exhaust such riches. This was almost 30 years ago — the equivalent fantasy today would...

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What we keep getting wrong about inflation

What is inflation? The answer seems obvious: when things get more expensive, that’s inflation, and it’s bad. But an alternative view is Milton Friedman’s. In a talk in 1963, the hugely influential economist defined inflation as “a steady and sustained rise in prices”...

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What We Owe The Future – A review

The moral philosopher Jonathan Glover tells a story about attending a conference of ethicists in Poland. The itinerary included a visit to Auschwitz. On the coach ride there, the academics earnestly discussed topics such as whether it could ever be morally justifiable...

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