Cautionary Tales – Wrong Tools Cost Lives

Microsoft Excel is great for business accounts... but maybe don't use it to track a deadly disease. The British Government promised to create a "world-beating" system to track deadly Covid 19 infections - but it included an outdated version of the off-the-shelf...

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Why bad times call for good data

Watching the Ever Given wedge itself across the Suez Canal, it would have taken a heart of stone not to laugh. But it was yet another unpleasant reminder that the unseen gears in our global economy can all too easily grind or stick. From the shutdown of Texas’s...

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Prizes, mindfulness and some very strange dice

Bestsellers. If you bought a copy of How To Make The World Add Up in paperback publication week – thank you, especially since the book was announced as a Sunday Times bestseller yesterday. I am so delighted and so grateful for the support; the Sunday Times bestseller...

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Cautionary Tales – Fritterin’ Away Genius

Claude Shannon was brilliant. He was the Einstein of computer science... only he loved "fritterin' away" his time building machines to play chess, solve Rubik's cubes and beat the house at roulette. If Shannon had worked more diligently - instead of juggling, riding a...

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Scouts, Framers, Long Life and Personal Change

A brief history of Extra Life: I'm interviewing Steven Johnson about his new book "Extra Life" - all about how life expectancy has grown so dramatically over the last century or so. As you'd expect from Steven the book is fascinating - do drop in (5pm ET Monday 17 May...

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