What I’ve been reading: science and magic

I picked up a copy of Bad Advice by Paul Offit a few months ago but have only now started to give it a proper read. Offit is a paediatrician and vaccine specialist, but the focus of this book is to discuss the importance of science and science communication. Offit is...

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About to turn 47.2? Peak misery awaits

A confession: I’ve been feeling rather down of late. I am well aware that I’m not the only one. It is 2020, after all. This is a year that is finally delivering on the dystopian promises of late-20th-century science fiction. And I should be clear that by “rather down”...

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Can you put a number on it?

How far can common sense take us in the field of statistics? At first glance, not very. The discipline may be vital but it is also highly technical, and full of pitfalls and counterintuitions. Statistics can feel like numerical alchemy, incomprehensible to muggles —...

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What I’ve been reading

Annie Duke, How To Decide. A workbook that talks through all the essentials of decision theory & behavioural science - the outside view vs the inside view; analysis paralysis, pre-mortems, "resulting" - while offering exercises & and self-tests. This is a book...

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