It’s Independent Bookshop Week!

15th June, 2024

I suggest that this is a particularly good week to visit your local independent bookshop and buy some lovely books.

If, however, you are not in easy reach of an independent bookshop, Bookshop is the website which donates 30% of sales revenue to an independent bookshop that you nominate, or 10% of revenue to a pool that supports independent bookshops in general. (They also pay affiliate fees on links to affiliates – including me.) In celebration of Independent Bookshop week, they’re also offering free shipping on orders this coming weekend, 22/23 June.

Anyway: I just wanted to alert you to my list of favourite books that will help you think more clearly about numbers, from Caroline Criado Perez’s barnstorming Invisible Women (a book that really changed the way I think) to David Spiegelhalter’s magisterial The Art of Statistics. And more – they’re all here. Enjoy!

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