Cautionary Tales – DANGER: Rocks Ahead! (Classic)

5th January, 2024

Torrey Canyon was one of the biggest and best ships in the world – but its captain and crew still needlessly steered it towards a deadly reef known as The Seven Stones. This course seemed like madness. But the type of thinking that resulted in such a risky manœuvre is something we’re all prone to…

We have a treasure chest of Cautionary Tales to bring you in 2024, but first we need to take a short rest. This week we’re taking you all the way back to the start, with a classic episode from our Cautionary Tales vault.

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Further reading

Two authoritative books were written about Torrey Canyon shortly after the events described in the podcast, and I’ve relied on both of them.

One is Oil and Water by Edward Cowan, and the other is The Black Tide by Richard Petrow. Both excellent, both long out of print.

For a more contemporary discussion of plan continuation bias I strongly recommend Meltdown by Chris Clearfield and Andras Tilcik.

This book also contains a good description of Marlys Christianson’s study of plan continuation bias in emergency rooms, “More and less effective updating” in Administrative Science Quarterly 2018.

The study of landings at Hartsfield-Jackson airport is Chris A. West’s “The Barn Door Effect“.

The dark tale of Sir Cloudesley Shovell is told in Dava Sobel’s hugely enjoyable book Longitudealthough I am sceptical Sir Cloudesley actually survived long enough for anyone to murder him.

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