Signed copies of The Truth Detective

26th January, 2023

The Truth Detective book cover

I’ve finally received a finished copy of my first children’s book, The Truth Detective – and thanks to Ollie Mann’s fabulous illustrations it’s a thing of beauty – aimed at children aged 9-13, it’s fun, it’s feisty, and it contains statistical heroes and villains from Florence Nightingale to Darth Vader, Sherlock Holmes to Gullros the precognitive pooping cow.

In the UK you can pre-order copies from all the usual places, including signed copies from Waterstones – links and more details here. Please do consider a crafty pre-order: they’re very helpful in getting some momentum behind the book, which means it is more likely to be placed somewhere where others can see it. The book will also be available in places such as Australia, India, Ireland, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Africa. Alas not yet in translation or in the US or Canada – but watch this space.

The book will be out in mid March. Thanks!

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