My favourite nerd podcasts

24th March, 2022

Of course there is 99 Percent Invisible, home of @RomanMars and the beautiful nerds.

And @HelenZaltzman ‘s The Allusionist.

And @NoSuchThing As A Fish. But you knew about those three, right?

I wanted to recommend a few less well-known podcasts (no shade intended – some of these are very professional and very well-established, but all of them deserve further attention).

Try @AProblemSquared in which @BecHillComedian and @StandupMaths deal with listener questions in the most exhaustive and creative ways.

Or the @FOTSN “A Podcast of Unnecessary Detail” featuring the amazing @MouldS @HelenArney and, oddly @StandupMaths again.

Or the Puzzling Maths podcast featuring @RobEastaway and @AJMagicMessage – fun discussions and plenty of maths puzzles.

Or if you want to go even deeper into “set me a puzzle” territory, there’s the Brain Drop Puzzles podcast.

And finally Mathematical Objects, featuring @stecks and @PeterRowlett, from @APeriodical. I’m in one of them!

Enjoy. (Oh, and obligatory plug: Cautionary Tales is back every other Friday – please spread the word.)

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