Why do we work so hard?, and other intriguing questions

12th July, 2021

The Possiblity Club podcast – I had a good chat to Richard Freeman at the Possibility Club podcast – listen in if you wish! Brief Q&A also with the Histocrats.

Why do we work so hard? I was fascinated by James Suzman’s interview with Ezra Klein recently. He said a couple of very odd things (apparently labour income is no longer relevant, it’s all capital income?) but was enormously thought-provoking about low-work civilisations, high-work civilisations, the importance of culture, the city as the engine of desire and social comparison. All in all it made me eager to seek out his book, “Work”.

I’m speaking at the Budleigh Salterton Literary Festival in mid September – hopefully plenty of time for everyone to get fully vaccinated. Come along!

On my pile: Rationality by Steven Pinker. Self-recommending. The book is out late September.

Finally, I was delighted that How To Make The World Add Up is yet again the number one business bestseller on the monthly Sunday Times list. That’s December, May and June. If you’re one of the people who contributed to that success by buying a copy or spreading the work – thank you.

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