Aiming for the moon, Hard Times, and Marlon and Jake read dead people

19th July, 2021

I was delighted that the More or Less team was awarded the Royal Statistical Society’s excellence in journalism award for coronavirus reporting, and also very pleased to have been highly commended in the category of specialist journalist in the UK Press Awards. Congratulations to all the worthy winners, many of whom I am lucky to be able to count as colleagues.

My latest podcast recommendation is Marlon and Jake Read Dead People – the almost unbelievably erudite Marlon James and Jake Morrissey argue in suitably opinionated fashion about their favourite books by dead authors.

If you think there’s anything more disheartening as an author than hearing an editor rip into (of all people) Ernest Hemmingway for time-wasting, try this: the editor in question is YOUR EDITOR. I suppose the next time I send Jake a manuscript and get some tough notes back, I can at least console myself that he was even harder on Hemmingway.

Jake has set Marlon reading James Thurber’s short humorous memoir My Life and Hard Times (Kindle, but also available free online). I thought I’d have a try and it is indeed highly amusing.

Meanwhile you might want to check out my conservation with Mattie Henry and Taylor Bledsoe, the two young hosts of the “Aiming for the Moon” podcast.

The paperback of “The Next 50 Things That Made The Modern Economy” is FINALLY coming – 26 August 2021. Please think about pre-ordering, which is hugely helpful in stimulating bookshops to stock and display the book.

“Endlessly insightful and full of surprises — exactly what you would expect from Tim Harford.”- Bill Bryson

“Harford is a fine, perceptive writer, and an effortless explainer of tricky concepts. His book teems with good things, and will expand the mind of anyone lucky enough to read it.”- The Daily Mail

I’ve set up a storefront on Bookshop in the United States and the United Kingdom – have a look and see all my recommendations; Bookshop is set up to support local independent retailers.

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