Fear, Scouting, and when can you trust a statistic?

14th June, 2021

The Data Detective meets The Scout Mindset – I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Julia Galef, author of The Scout Mindset and one of my very favourite interviewers, on the Rationally Speaking podcast. We go deep – enjoy!

Last minute notice, but in a couple of hours I’m talking to Gillian Tett about her excellent and thought-provoking new book Anthro-Vision.

Intriguing books on my pile, which I hope to read soon: The Musical Human (Michael Spitzer, a recent Radio 4 book of the week), Journey Beyond Fear (John Hagel, amazing endorsements), The Social Instinct (Nicola Rouhani, an evolutionary psychologist explains the origins and limits of cooperation), How To Think (Tom Chatfield, and thus guaranteed to be excellent).

When can you trust statistics? I made a short little fun film for the BBC, trying to boil down some ideas in How To Make The World Add Up to the zestiest, most concentrated form. Enjoy!

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