How to Change, unnoticed Noise, and paperback launch week!

4th May, 2021

Publication week! How To Make The World Add Up is out in paperback this week everywhere except North America. I understand that we’re on the cusp of the bestseller list in the UK, which would be a Big Deal in terms of winning attention for the book – so if you have been thinking about buying a copy or two some sometime then RIGHT NOW would be incredibly helpful. Thank you so much in advance. A wide range of online buying options are here – or of course you can stroll to your friendly local bookshop. (Incidentally, the book has been named Book of the Month by the much-bruised WHSmith Travel so if you happen to be in a railway station, or even an airport, take a look.)

Lunch with Danny Kahneman: It’s been a fun week; a few days ago I had the pleasure of a zoom “Lunch with the FT” with Daniel Kahneman. We spoke about his new book Noise, the joys of collaboration, the way we think about vaccine risk, and what made Thinking, Fast and Slow such a success. Also, I called him my guru and he wasn’t having any of it. Check out the lunch write up in the FT this weekend.

How To Change is Katy Milkman’s new book, all about – well, how to change. She brings the latest behavioural science, based largely on her own ambitious work program, about fresh starts, temptation bundling, and how to make change stick. I’ve only flicked through so far but it looks very promising.

Event with Gillian Tett: On June 14th, I’m doing an event with Gillian about her excellent forthcoming book “Anthro-Vision“. Join us!

If you like chat, and you like charts, the video of the latest Chart Chat (with special guest, me) is online. Check it out: very smart commentary from people who know a lot more than I do about data visualisation. We talk inequality, debt, YouTube animations, the New York Subway, and Florence Nightingale.

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