Thumbs up from the US Air Force, and other news

13th April, 2021

Cautionary Tales – why organisations squander good ideas… I’ve been so pleased at all the kind comments from around the world about the new season of Cautionary Tales. If you haven’t sampled it, please do so. I love working on the scripts and the narration, but I’m always stunned by the final mix, with spectacularly gifted actors (Helena Bonham Carter, Jeffrey Wright, Alan Cumming, Archie Panjabi, Russell Tovey and a cast of thousands…)

How splendid, then, to get an endorsement from General Charles Q. Brown, chief of staff of the US Air Force. You never know who is listening…

How To Make The World Add Up – In Paperback If you are anywhere outside the US / Canada / Guam, the paperback edition of “How To Make The World Add Up” is imminent and I would be pathetically grateful for pre-orders (Amazon, Bookshop), which are very helpful in ensuring that bookshops stock up, reviewers pay attention, and so on. If you are planning to grab the paperback, THANK YOU – and please consider pre-ordering.

TechTonic interview Mark Hurst interviewed me on the TechTonic podcast / radio show – Mark is a fascinating thinker and you might enjoy the conversation here.

Getting Things Done This week I re-read David Allen’s modern classic Getting Things Done, partly in preparation for a talk I’m giving to GTD enthusiasts about my own work habits. The book needs no introduction from me, I’m sure, but I do wholeheartedly recommend it. It’s intriguing to re-read: there’s a lot of complexity in the book, and one always picks up something new. The key insight I found myself highlighting was the importance of clarifying. I’ve been GTDing for a long time, but whenever ‘stuff’ is piling up, the fundamental problem is usually a failure to be clear about what it really is and what the next action is.

Anyway: my next action is to sketch the outline of an FT Magazine cover story. And your next action, I hope, is to pre-order How To Make The World Add Up

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