The best books and tweeps about data, long Kahneman interview, and other thoughts

19th April, 2021

Next up is Julia Galef’s The Scout Mindset which looks terrific but which I have not yet read. Meanwhile I have curated a list of the best books for thinking about data, and – seperately – some recommendations of twitter people to follow on the subject of maths and in particular maths communication and education.

In other adventures, I gave a talk – with plenty of conversation and interaction – at the World Bank & IMF, kindly hosted by the IMF library.

If you don’t have two hours to spare I suggest you change that, because Scott Barry Kaufman’s long interview with Danny Kahneman is well worth your attention. Kahneman’s interesting new book Noise gets a look-in but the podcast ranges much more widely, is fascinating and often quite moving.

Finally, Peter Sims argues that “a new renaissance is underway“; Peter’s book, Little Bets, is a stone cold classic.

The paperback of “How To Make The World Add Up” is out on 6 May (please consider pre-ordering). US title: “The Data Detective”.

“Nobody makes the statistics of everyday life more fascinating and enjoyable than Tim Harford.”- Bill Bryson

“This entertaining, engrossing book about the power of numbers, logic and genuine curiosity”- Maria Konnikova

I’ve set up a storefront on Bookshop in the United States and the United Kingdom – have a look and see all my recommendations; Bookshop is set up to support local independent retailers.

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