My New Year’s resolution

31st December, 2020

I occasionally listen to the oddly-named but excellent “Art of Manliness” podcast, and a recent episode brought me up short.

It was an interview with Gregg Krech, author of “Naikan: Gratitude, Grace and the Japanese art of self-reflection“.

Krech suggested a practice of self-reflection through three questions.

First: what have I received from others?

Second: what did I give to others?

Third: what trouble or inconvenience did I cause others?

There are obvious similarities here with the practice of gratitude journals, but there is no action required: you don’t have to write a thank-you note or scribble in the gratitude journal. But you might well feel impelled to.

Instead, it’s a kind of spiritual accountancy: reflecting on the credits and the debits as you roll through life, and perhaps altering your actions based on what you notice.

Gregg Krech suggested this practice within a relationship. What did I receive from my partner yesterday? What did I give to him or her? He also pointed out much wider applications: what do I receive, and what do I give, when – say – I order take-out?

I loved the questions, so my resolution for 2021 is to ask them of myself every day.

Meanwhile: happy new year to you. If you’re reading this, I am receiving your time and attention. I am grateful for it.

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