How to get a personalised copy of How To Make The World Add Up (time limited!)

2nd October, 2020

A confession. I love Blackwell’s, the vast and labyrinthine bookshop in the heart of Oxford. I’ve read stories to my children in the nooks and crannies there, given talks, watched some unforgettable plays, bought second-hand textbooks, and many other adventures over the years.

I love them even more now. When “How To Make The World Add Up” came out, Amazon and Waterstones ordered a few to see what happened. They immediately sold out. (It turns out people are ready for a book that helps them think clearly about the world and isn’t afraid of using numbers to do it.)

But you know who didn’t sell out? Blackwell’s. They had confidence in me and my book, ordered a great big stack and were able to keep supplying readers while others scrambled to resupply. Thanks, Blackwell’s.

Now, I have an online talk coming up in a few days, hosted by the amazing Mathematical Institute at Oxford University. Normally I’d give a talk in their splendid lecture theatre. After the talk, people could come up to me and say ‘hi’ and get a signed, personalised book. But this is the covid age, so that’s not going to happen. But I asked Blackwell’s if they could help out and they very kindly obliged.

So here’s the story: if you are based in the UK, and you’d like me to sign and personalise a copy of How To Make The World Add Up, just get in touch with Blackwell’s before the end of 14 October 2020. They’re at Tell them how many copies you want, who you’d like them signed to, and whether you want a short message such as “Happy Birthday” or “Merry Christmas”. (Never too early to plan for Christmas…)

Then I’ll go and sign and personalise the books. Then after 16 October 2020 you can come past Blackwell’s on Broad Street, Oxford – or you can phone 01865 792792 to pay and arrange for them to be delivered. Enjoy, and thanks so much to Blackwell’s.

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