Fifty Things That Made the Modern Economy

7th November, 2016

I’m delighted to announce the first episode of my new weekly BBC World Service series, “Fifty Things that Made the Modern Economy”. We present short stories about the people, inventions and ideas that made the economic and financial world around us. Alongside some of the obvious choices such as the diesel engine and the iPhone, we’re trying to offer stories that view the modern economy from a less familiar perspective – including the Ikea Billy bookcase, the bar code, and the TV dinner.

I’m very proud of the episodes we’ve recorded so far. Thanks to producer Ben Crighton, editors Richard Knight and Richard Vadon, and my superb co-writer Andrew Wright. Enjoy!

Podcast here. (Please subscribe, rate on iTunes, etc. etc. – it helps.)

And yes, there will in due course be a scintillating book – perhaps August 2017. I’m working on it…



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