The Sunday Times Reviews The Undercover Economist Strikes Back

25th August, 2013

Dominic Lawson’s review from Sunday 18 August; he’s not so sure about the dialogue format of the book, but:

…it’s amazing what you can get used to; especially when the author is as clear-thinking and easy to read as Harford.

I thought this was a book by an economist?

It is; but Harford is also the presenter of such BBC radio programmes as Pop-Up Economics and More or Less, so he has mastered the art of dealing with this subject without the use of a single diagram or mathematical equation.

Doesn’t that mean he could be accused of over-simplification?

Perhaps academic economists would say so; but the original Undercover Economist book sold more than 1m copies worldwide, so they will just have to suck it up. And besides, the ability to express complex ideas in a straightforward fashion is invaluable in a field which has more than its fair share of impenetrable jargon … This is a studiously non-political book.

I’ll take that as a recommendation. 

The book is out on 29 August; you can find out more here.

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