The Adapt Lectures – UK tour, first leg

12th May, 2011

Please forgive the grandiosity. From my publisher’s press release:

For the week of 6th June 2011, Tim Harford will be embarking on a series of ambitious events tying in with the publication of his new book – Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure. The ‘Adapt Lectures’ will be episodic talks – each on a different day of that week and all at different venues. Seven talks in seven days, with each talk focusing on a different expert area from the book. These are stand-alone talks that make up a whole. Attendees may attend all or as many events as they wish.
From ‘leadership lessons in the War in Iraq’ at Cass Business School to ‘preventing financial meltdowns’ at the London School of Economics, Harford will be drawing on a range of expert knowledge to bring to you the principles you need in business and in life.

It’s going to be lots of fun. Please come to any or all of the events. In my experience events at LSE and the RSA are totally packed out but do your best, and it should be easier to get into some of the other events.

Monday 6th June, 6pm, Royal Society of Arts, Adapt: Why Success Always Starts with Failure – FULLY BOOKED

Tuesday 7th June, 6.30pm, London School of Economics, Preventing Financial Meltdowns

Wednesday 8th June, 7pm, Royal Institution, Protecting ideas that matter, from the Spitfire to the Knockout Mouse

Thursday 9th June, 6pm, Cass Business School, Leadership lessons from the War in Iraq

Friday 10th June, 7pm 5.30pm, International Growth Centre, Gulbenkian Theatre Oxford, Development: Do we know the difference between success and failure?

Saturday 11th June, 7pm, Heffer’s Cambridge / Cambridge Student Union, The Adaptive Business: Google, Whole Foods and Timpson

Sunday 12th June, Midday, Waterstone’s Gower Street, Adapting and you: how to make good mistakes in everyday life

EDIT: More dates, by popular demand etc. etc.

Monday 14th June, 6pm Institute for Government, Government by Trial and Error with Professor John van Reenen and Dr David Halpern

I do plan to do other events further from London – to be announced.

UPDATE: People have been asking if the talks will be streamed or vodcast. Some will, I think. But why wait?

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