New series of More or Less

1st April, 2011

The new series of More or Less – or as the cognoscenti now insist on calling it, > ˅ < – begins today at half past one BST on Radio 4. It’s repeated on Sunday at 8pm, and as always you can subscribe to our podcast (click on the podcast icon at the top right of this page).

This week: the UK budget cuts have been described as “embarrassingly small” – can that be true? And if so what does that imply for public services? We’ll also investigate the cost of the war in Libya. We meet a mathematician who’s solved a puzzle concerning the Beatles hit, Strawberry Fields Forever. (You may want to listen to this on the radio: we may not be able to put as much music as we’d like into the podcast version for legal reasons.)

And we’ll present our alternative to the census, jointly with the Today program. Click here to fill it in. (It’s very short, we promise.)

I can also assure you that the program begins with an important breaking news story. Please tune in.

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