The Top 10 Economists on Twitter

11th November, 2010

Twitter’s top 10 economists (11 November 2010)
@CMEGroup Chicago Mercantile Exchange 764,000 followers
@NYTimesKrugman Paul Krugman, Nobel Laureate & columnist 466,000 followers
@andrewrsorkin Andrew Ross Sorkin, NYT Dealbook 317,000 followers
@freakonomics The Freakonomics blog 184,000 followers
@planetmoney NPR’s Planet Money 113,000 followers
@PKedrosky Paul Kedrosky, Financial commentator 70,500 followers
@Richard_Florida Richard Florida, Urbanist 69,800
@nouriel Nouriel Roubini, Economic forecaster 28,700 followers
@dambisamoyo Dambisa Moyo, Aid Sceptic 26,800 followers
@evanHD Evan Davis, formerly BBC economics editor 20,000 followers

Or you can follow them all in one go at this handy list.

Update: The definition of “economist” is clearly subjective but otherwise this list is simply the 10 most popular econ-related twitter accounts that I could find. More suggestions welcome!

Honourable mentions – a subjective combination of econ tweeters who are popular, interesting or under-appreciated:

@DavidMcW David McWilliams, Irish popular economist 12,900 followers
@FelixSalmon Felix Salmon Finance blogger, Reuters 11,500 followers
@jeffdsachs Jeffrey Sachs, Columbia University 9100 followers
@TimHarford Tim Harford, Undercover Economist at the Financial Times, 8500 followers (that’s me)
@Bill_Easterly Bill Easterly, New York University 8480 followers
@danariely Dan Ariely, Behavioural psychologist 6400 followers
@tylercowen Tyler Cowen, curator of Marginal Revolution 6350 followers
@DavidMWessel David Wessel Wall Street Journal’s Economics Editor 4800 followers
@crampell Catherine Rampell, Economix Blog editor 2800 followers
@cblatts Chris Blattman, Political scientist 2000 followers
@diane1859 Diane Coyle, The Enlightened Economist 970 followers
@tutor2u_econ Resources for economics teachers 470 followers

The idea for composing this list came from a post on the Oxford Economics blog.

Feel free to email [undercovereconomist AT gmail] or tweet [ @timharford ] with further suggestions. I’ll update this post from time to time.  Comments are open.

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