Is the credit crunch suitable for children?

Dear Economist, My young son came home from school and asked me: “Mummy, what’s a credit crunch?” How can I explain this to a five-year-old? Ms LG, London Dear Ms LG, Once upon a time, there was a blameless girl called Consumerella, who didn’t have enough money to buy...

More or Less

A brand new series of More or Less has now started. We’re now on the air (Radio 4) at Fridays at 1.30pm GMT and Sundays at 8pm GMT. You can also listen online, subscribe to a podcast, and read more at the More or Less website here.

Should I take down last year’s Xmas tree?

Dear Economist, Due to multiple disruptions to my schedule since the first of the year I have not had the opportunity to take down my Christmas tree. At this point, should I leave the tree up for the remainder of the year or take it down now? D. Seattle Dear D....

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