Should I subsidise my partner?

2nd August, 2008

I have recently agreed with my student partner that she will move into my flat during the Edinburgh Festival so that she can sublet her room and pay for her half of our holiday together. She maintains that she should pay me for staying in the flat, whereas I argue that this would defeat the purpose of the exercise. How can we effectively resolve this dispute and look forward to our holiday? Should I simply charge her for any increase in my bills, or are there other considerations?
Ben, Edinburgh

Dear Ben,

Stop the tiptoeing about who pays what to whom. Let’s be blunt: she can’t afford this holiday, you can afford to subsidise her, but she doesn’t seem to want to incur too large a debt. It seems to me there are two solutions: an explicit contract, or an implicit one.

The implicit contract: quietly subsidise her holiday. Accept a little money from her as a tenant, and pick up a few of the extra holiday costs. The explicit contract: charge her the market rate for staying in your flat. Do not be surprised, however, if she begins to charge you for “services” provided either during her stay or on your holiday.

Choose whichever contract is to your taste. It will set the tone for your relationship – and the explicit contract may be cheaper in the long run.

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