Antiquities roadshow

I am writing this column in one of my favourite London haunts – the Great Court at the British Museum. I’ve just been to see one of the museum’s most famous and controversial exhibits, the Parthenon Sculptures – also known as the Elgin Marbles. These carvings were...


Dear Economist, I am contemplating writing a popular book on the use of economic tools to explain everyday aspects of modern life, but have grown concerned that there is a growing pile of highly successful books in this vein already in circulation. I cannot decide...

Sheepish response

I intend to break a record with this column, and publish what must surely be the FT’s longest ever correction. It’s not that I enjoy self-flagellation in public. But the manner of my error offers a lesson about economics as well as journalism. First, the error. In the...

Hands up if you hate Bono

My colleague Gideon Rachman wants to know what you think of Bono. He’s not a fan. I think Gideon’s being harsh. Of course, Bono is no Tom Waits. But then, neither is Gideon.

Performance Related Pay

Dear Economist, My boss swears that compensation in our corporation is based upon pay-for-performance. Is that an economic reality? Bob, Texas Answer at, subscription free.

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