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18th November, 2005

News from ‘The Undercover Economist’ this week:

The AEI-Brookings joint center was kind enough to sponsor a launch of ‘The Undercover Economist’ on Wednesday 9th November, and the video is now available here (top right). If addicted to internet video you can also see me on WCNC, giving advice on cheaper shopping.

Several reviews this week, too.

The Washington Post believes the book is “A good Christmas gift for that college student who’s been avoiding economics — or, even better, for that economics prof who hasn’t come up with an interesting enough curriculum.” They thought I talked about coffee too much, though.

The Wall Street Journal’s reviewer loved the book so much he forgot the title… “‘The Underground Economist’ distinguishes itself from the pack with a lively and insightful discourse on global poverty and what can be done about it.”

The Houston Chronicle liked the book too: “Harford takes the basic underlying ideas of economics to demonstrate how they can be applied to every aspect of the world. Seems like a stretch, but Harford shoehorns in many freewheeling discussions with much wit and wisdom.”

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