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28th November, 2005

Fast Company have a piece on the boom in economics books, including a brief interview with yours truly (as well as the relevation that SuperFreakonomics is on the way…).

Meanwhile, The San Diego Union Tribune’s reviewer damns all economists, economcs and economics books. It is comforting that he concedes that I have

produced an engaging, fast-paced, well-written and witty volume that affords the reader a quick, and in many ways useful, insight into the ways in which modern economics dissects and interprets many contemporary issues. His summaries of abstruse economic ideas, such as the concept of “moral hazard” in insurance markets and the notion of market “externalities,” are clear and well informed.

In the Agora’s reviewer says:

If you read only one pop economics book this year, The Undercover Economist should be it. Harford, a columnist for the Financial Times among other distinctions, has written a book that could almost serve as a textbook for an Economics 101 course. But it’s emphatically not dry or dull. Instead, what Harford has done is convey the excitement, the power, and the often counter-intuitive results of economic thought. In so doing, he has written more or less the economic equivalent to The Selfish Gene.

Finally, one blogger thinks my Undercover Economist columns from the Financial Times magazine (also published here) are extracts from the book. Not so – they’re all brand new stuff.

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