Go figure… An extract from ‘The Undercover Economist’

22nd October, 2005

The Financial Times have published a generously-sized extract from The Undercover Economist:

On a sunny day in London you can purchase a cappuccino and sip away as the capsules on the Eye, the capital’s landmark Ferris wheel, rotate high above you, occasionally passing between you and the sun… one of life’s simple pleasures. Everywhere you look around the Eye you can see vendors with scarce resources, trying to exploit that scarcity. There is only one coffee bar in the immediate area, for instance. There is also a lone souvenir shop doing brisk business. But the most obvious example is the London Eye itself. It towers over the majority of London’s most famous buildings and is the world’s largest observation wheel. The scarcity power is clearly considerable, but it is not unlimited: the Eye may be unique, but it is also optional. People can always choose not to go on it.

Read the full extract at the Financial Times. (If it goes subscription-only, you can read it here too.)

The Undercover Economist is published in the US on 1 November.

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