The Market for Aid

4th June, 2005

My new book with Michael Klein, The Market for Aid, arrived from the printers today. It smells good! You, too, can be the proud owner – just follow the link to Amazon. Be warned, it’s not hardback as specified but a convenient little paperback.

Addendum: Here’s what the World Bank says about the book.
In an accessible style Michael Klein and Tim Harford analyze some of the hot topics in the aid industry today. They argue that the aid industry is changing, old models of aid are under pressure, and both donors and recipients will ask more and more of aid agencies in the future. The chaos of competition and the search for new ideas are frightening to some and risk harming the people whom the industry is supposed to benefit. Yet at the same time there is a tremendous opportunity for harnessing competition to improve performance and find better ways of helping the poor. Klein and Harford argue for rigorous methods of evaluation and creative use of the private sector to produce a more effective aid industry in which new experiments are encouraged.

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