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PopTech talk: Preventing Financial Meltdowns


The real estate rollercoaster as an actual rollercoaster

I saw this a few years back, and the data stop in 2006, but in many ways I think it works better that way. This is US data, and we know how the story ended in the US. In the UK I think we’d still find ourselves near the top, but what do I know?


My favourite quotes about failure

In celebration of the publication of Adapt in paperback in the UK, I’ve put together my favourite quotes about failure and adaptation. Enjoy!


The stand-up economist: sh*t happens

The latest from the excellent Yoram Bauman. Do check out his cartoon guides to economics.


TEDTalk – Trial, Error and the God Complex


RSA Event video: Why success always starts with failure

The RSA have edited highlights of my talk on Monday, introducing some of the ideas behind “Adapt”.


Three things you need to know about failure

It’s “Adapt: The Movie.” Well, almost.

Adapt” is being published in the US this week, so here’s a sneak preview of some of the ideas.


Keynes vs Hayek Round 2

I know a lot of you have been waiting for this – the “Fight of the Century” between Keynes and Hayek, and congratulations to John Papola and Russ Roberts for transforming the way economics is communicated:

Personally I prefer the first video, “Fear the Boom and Bust”:

Funnier, and the Hayekian sympathies of its creators are conveyed with a bit more subtlety. Nevertheless the world of economics communication is a better place with these rapping titans in it.

Your thoughts?


Penn and Teller on risk

Emphatically not safe for work, but something of a modern classic, recommended to me by one of the UK’s most eminent medical statisticians…

15th of April, 2011VideoComments off

The cult of statistical significance

Steve Ziliak, haiku economist and co-author of The Cult of Statistical Significance, points me to this geeky but splendid video about a much-misunderstood subject:

Steve’s a guest on this week’s More or Less. Here’s an earlier piece about his work, although I am worried that I may have got some of the technical details wrong.

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