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My favourite video clips. You can subscribe to my YouTube channel.


How to support innovations that matter

That was the topic of the first episode of “Pop Up Economics“, and here’s the video!


Tim Harford at the Sydney Opera House: “Make more Misstakes”

“In a complex and fast-moving world, if we want to move ahead in leaps and bounds, rather than in small steps, we need to rethink the conditions for making progress in science, business and society in a fundamental way. We need to realise there is no ‘right way’, lose our fear of failure, embrace opportunity and take risks.

We need to stop looking for leaders who can provide us with all the answers, and encourage the search for many solutions – for that is where we will find the ‘one in a hundred’ that delivers real results. We need to understand that to adapt to the challenges of the future, we must make mistakes, lots of them.”

Make more misstakes” is here – one hour. Enjoy!


A short interview at Wired 2012


PopTech talk: Preventing Financial Meltdowns


The real estate rollercoaster as an actual rollercoaster

I saw this a few years back, and the data stop in 2006, but in many ways I think it works better that way. This is US data, and we know how the story ended in the US. In the UK I think we’d still find ourselves near the top, but what do I know?


My favourite quotes about failure

In celebration of the publication of Adapt in paperback in the UK, I’ve put together my favourite quotes about failure and adaptation. Enjoy!


The stand-up economist: sh*t happens

The latest from the excellent Yoram Bauman. Do check out his cartoon guides to economics.


TEDTalk – Trial, Error and the God Complex


RSA Event video: Why success always starts with failure

The RSA have edited highlights of my talk on Monday, introducing some of the ideas behind “Adapt”.


Three things you need to know about failure

It’s “Adapt: The Movie.” Well, almost.

Adapt” is being published in the US this week, so here’s a sneak preview of some of the ideas.

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