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Not one but two new Radio 4 series

A new series of “Pop Up Ideas” started last Wednesday on Radio 4 at 8.30pm, featuring our usual trademark combination of academic rigour and live-action storytelling: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/thpop

And a new Radio 4 series of More or Less starts this afternoon at 4.30pm: http://www.bbc.co.uk/podcasts/series/moreorless




More or Less wins the Royal Statistical Society award for excellence in broadcast journalism

I’m delighted about this:

The winners of the 2013 awards for statistical excellence in journalism have been announced. Journalists at The Times, The Detail and BBC Radio 4 have been commended for their work. The awards, now in their seventh year, are made in three categories – print, broadcast and online – and recognise work first published or broadcast in the preceding calendar year.

…In the broadcast category, BBC Radio 4’s “More or Less” programme presented by Tim Harford is the winner. The judges considered this to be a really informative exploration of the contentious issue of waiting times at UK borders during the Olympics and the contrasting estimates of different agencies. They particularly highlighted how choice of data can have a big impact on the story that is told.

It’s the fourth year in succession that the More or Less team has been commended by the Royal Statistical Society for its excellence in journalism. We won outright this year and in 2010. Very chuffed for the team.


Pop Up Ideas with Gillian Tett and Malcolm Gladwell

Gillian Tett’s excellent talk for “Pop Up Ideas” is now available to download (or you can subscribe to the podcast). You can also download Malcolm Gladwell’s superb talk from last week.

16th of July, 2013MarginaliaRadioComments off

Pop-Up Ideas with Malcolm Gladwell, Gillian Tett, and David Kilcullen

We’re following “Pop-Up Economics” by inviting guest speakers to tell us about ideas from anthropology and political science – all wrapped up in stories to remember. We recorded these short (13 minute) talks in front of a live audience in the foyer of the Royal Festival Hall, and I think they sounded terrific. I can’t wait to hear the program itself.

The show is being broadcast on Radio 4 at 9.30am each Tuesday morning, from today. Our guest speakers are Malcolm Gladwell, author of “The Tipping Point”, anthropologist and financial journalist Gillian Tett, and counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen. Plus me!

The podcast episodes should appear on the Pop-Up Economics feed.


Next series of Pop Up Ideas to be recorded on June 10th

Pop Up Economics is now Pop Up Ideas, and the next series will be inspired by ideas from anthropology and political science. We’re recording the entire series in front of a live audience – please come along. You can apply for free tickets here.

Speakers will include anthropologist / capital markets editor of the Financial Times, Gillian Tett; counterinsurgency expert David Kilcullen; and a man who needs no introduction, Malcolm Gladwell. And yours truly, of course.

26th of May, 2013RadioSpeechesComments off

A spreadsheet error, a homework assignment, and a dose of reality for empirical economics

This subject has been covered ad nauseam in the econoblogosphere, but I’m still proud of our short More or Less documentary on how a student undercut the economics paper that austerity-minded politicians love to cite.

For more free More or Less podcasts, click here.


The astonishing life of Bill Phillips

This is the latest video from the recording of my my radio series, “Pop Up Economics“. (Alternative link to watch.)


Pop-Up Economics, Pulp-O-Mized


The Pulp-O-Mizer. More about Pop-Up Economics.


7th of February, 2013MarginaliaRadioComments off

Thomas Schelling, Henry Kissinger, and Dr Strangelove

The full video of the latest episode of Pop Up Economics (free podcast here). Enjoy and please spread the world. (You can also watch here.)

3rd of February, 2013HighlightsRadioVideoComments off

Thomas Schelling, game theory, and nuclear deterrence

Here’s a four-minute video, an extract from a forthcoming episode of Pop-up Economics – do please sign up for the free podcast! Next episode on BBC Radio 4 tonight, 8.45pm GMT. [EDIT: Full 14 minute video is now available.]




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